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Get the best in family dental care from our Southside kids dental clinic

Are you looking for the best in dental care from a dental clinic who puts the focus firmly on fun? Make your next appointment at Southside Little Smiles. Our team of Oral Health Therapist, Dentist, Dental Nurses and Support Staff is dedicated to offering quality, affordable dental treatments for local families in Gympie and Southside. With our bright, relaxed atmosphere and friendly approach, even the most anxious patients will quickly feel at ease! Ask us about bulk billing services under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Our calendar fills up quickly, so call Southside Little Smiles now to secure your preferred appointment date.

Routine Dental Examinations

We love seeing our little smilers every six months! Regular dental examinations are essential from the moment children's teeth begin to erupt. Regular examination by a dental professional ensures that your child develops a good relationship with their care provider and makes it easier to detect any problems, such as decay, before they give rise to symptoms. Regular visits help to diminish anxiety and phobias, as it permits interaction with the dental environment without the need for active treatment. Children who only ever attend when in pain are often the most anxious, as they only associate dental visits with having to have treatment carried out!

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Preventative Care

As the old saying goes - prevention is better than cure! At Southside Little Smiles we strongly emphasise the importance of good oral health and dietary habits from birth right through to adulthood

We work with patients and their parents/carers to design a bespoke Oral Health programme which will assist patients in keeping their mouths as healthy as possible, and ultimately reduce the need for interventive dental treatment. This programme often includes a combination of hands-on toothbrushing and flossing instructions, guidance on the appropriate use of Fluoride toothpaste, dietary assessments and motivational tools such as tooth timers and brushing charts to help with maintaining healthy habits outside of the dental practice. Your dental professional may also recommend the use of Fluoride Varnish or placement of Fissure Sealants to complement a home-based preventive programme.

Restorative Dentistry and Tooth Extractions

Should your child require a filling or a tooth removed, our team are highly skilled in carrying our these procedures to the highest quality, whilst ensuring your child has a fun experience.


Kids will be kids - Accidents happen! At Southside Little Smiles we look after our sporting stars of the future (and their smiles!) Our mouthguards are custom made on-site, and you can even choose from our wide range of colours to make sure you're sporting the most fashionable grin on the field.

General Anaesthetic

At Southside Little Smiles, we always strive to complete your childs' treatment in the dental office, however we recognise that this is not always possible. We can provide treatment under General Anaesthesia at Gympie Private Hospital if required.

Specialist Referral

Providing the best standard of care for our patients requires a team effort. We are very fortunate here at Southside Little Smiles to have fantastic relationships with a wide variety of specialists, such as ENT surgeons, Orthodontists and Paediatric Dental Specialists, across the Gympie region and Sunshine Coast, and work closely with them to ensure your childs' every need is met.


Dr Rene has extensive experience in orthodontics with a particular interest working with the Myobrace orthodontic system.
Myobrace appliances are designed not simply to straighten teeth but to correct the underlying causes of crooked teeth. Research shows that problems such as mouth breathing and incorrect lip or tongue function (known as poor myo functional habits) are major causes of poor jaw development and tooth alignment.
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